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Meet me in the future is a role-playing game. It lasts 50 minutes with 2 sessions of 25 minutes each.

The workshop begins when all participants enter the room. Please avoid talking to other participants.

Depending on the draw, two groups are defined, one that comes from the future and one that lives in the present.

Think for a few minutes about the characteristics of the character you want to create.
You can speak through your own style or act out the character. 

Those who live in the present can develop a character or be their own self. 

Those who come from the future, you come from the year 2100. Create a character who lives in the future.  

The game begins. Introduce yourself briefly. What is your name/your age/your background? And any other details you would like to add? What do you look like, perhaps?  What is your preoccupation?

Then begin to get to know each other and ask each other questions.

Each group can ask each other a maximum of 3 questions in a row, if there are more, facilitators call it DONE; if the question is already answered, CHANGE. Don't ask all questions to the same person, there is a lot to explore from all participants: QUIT

25 minutes have passed, the groups are changed, now those coming from the future live in the present and vice versa. 

In the second round you can create your own future, you don't have to stick to the previous game.

At the end of each workshop, a unique herefuture card is generated for each player in collaboration with the AI.

For those who wish to participate, a talk/evaluation session may be held at the end of the workshop.

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