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We are a duo working in different fields but united around a common curiosity. The motivation of our endless curiosity for the future is the driving force of this project.

photo by  Victoria Tomaschko

About Us

Aslı Dinç - artist, researcher /

Aslı is a multidisciplinary artist. Her works, which are at the crossroads of art, technology, and science, focus on the production of speculations, loops, installations and performances, with particular emphasis on dystopian narratives, algorithmic cultures and human-machine interactions. 

Zeynep Okyay - curator, cultural worker /

Since 2010, Zeynep mostly works in the field of contemporary visual arts. In her research practice, she uses the dictionary form as an instrument to pursue social structures, sharing of knowledge and experience through vocabularies, in an attempt to create new forms of expression within present conditions. She is the co-founder of PASAJ, an independent art space focused primarily on participatory and socially engaged art practice.


FRESH A.I.R. #6 (2021-2022) hosted by Berliner Leben Stiftung

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